lost in the flames

Why am I, unlike the wind,
unlike the clouds,
not floating in the sky,
why don't I have wings, why?;

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hello! i haven't been here in the past few months and, in the meantime, many of the blogs i follow have become inactive, so my dashboard is now pretty much dead :(

so like this post if u post about:

- takarazuka revue

- videogames (final fantasy, animal crossing, ace attorney, or really any other videogame)

- kpop (mainly seventeen and ateez, atm)

- movies (animated too)

(here is my tumblr blog for reference on what i usually reblog)

WHY do i keep abandoning this website,......

timeskip -

Apparently my sister got rickrolled by her PAST SELF and this is the funniest thing fsdfjkgks

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So you're really gonna say that and not tell us how ??

timeskip -

Apparently she had a notepad document on her computer, for years. And in it was a youtube link, so while she was going through old notepad documents she copy pasted the link, you know, as you do.

And it was a rickroll.

melancholia -

lets start some happy content for today. comment in the tags something nice about the person you repoured this from. uwu

babushka -

whoever is reading this please have an amazing day for me?

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i don't think that's how the song goes but i appreciate the effort

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Send in a number or numbers and the reblogger will tell you.

  1. Favorite nickname

  2. A strange fact about yourself

  3. Top three physical things you find attractive on a person

  4. A food you could eat forever and not get bored of

  5. A food you hate

  6. Guilty pleasure

  7. What do you sleep in

  8. Serious relationships or flings

  9. If you could go back in the past and change one thing about your life, would you and what would it be

  10. Are you an affectionate person

  11. A movie you could watch over and over again

  12. Favorite book

  13. You have the opportunity to keep any animal as a pet, what would you choose

  14. Top five fictional ships [if you are an RP blog, you can use your own ships as well]

  15. Pie or cake

  16. Favorite scent

  17. Celebrity crush

  18. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go

  19. Introvert or extrovert

  20. Do you scare easily

  21. iPhone or Android

  22. Do you play any video games

  23. Dream job

  24. What would you do with a million dollars

  25. Fictional character you hate

  26. A fandom that you were once a part of but aren’t any longer

hopping by to announce that it was my bday yesterday (july 29)!!! i just got 21 and i know it isn't important but i need attention,,, h

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so like. are artists suppos 2 be able to draw good circles

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ive never drawn a good circle in my life

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good morning! i believe in you! let's do our best today!

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speaking of headless entities: i found a generator by kuromitsu where u can embody your worst fears! or just a cool monster i guess??

cw: blood, body horror, gore?? mostly just blood but tagging to be safe

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kiss kiss waterfall in love

it's pride month!!!


stay safe, have fun and love yourselves!!! you have a right to be happy, just like everyone else 🏳️‍🌈

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I’ve discovered that a lot of adult life requires advocating for oneself and putting one’s foot down when necessary and it hurts my conflict-avoidant-ass so much to have to do so

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in an exciting turn of events the shipping label im printing decided to name itself ACFrOgBoii

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thinking about... her


may i offer you some......moss

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[[IMAGE:[[40998 thank you....... I was starving

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open message to pan/bi+/queer people attracted to multiple genders, or questioning if that may be the case -

  • your partner's gender does not make you any less queer, because whether or not you are queer is specific to you

  • the genders involved in your dating history do not make you any less queer

  • you belong in queer spaces regardless of your relationship history or status

  • pan/bi+/polysexual are different terms with a lot of definitional overlap. the difference matters more to some folks than others but the umbrella is big enough for all of us

  • it's okay for your chosen labels to shift over time; growing and learning about yourself is, and always will be, a process, and attraction is a beautiful and ephemeral thing

  • use the terms for yourself you find most comfortable and the ones that keep you the safest

  • don't force a relationship that isn't working to try to prove something

  • you're not "faking" anything. just follow what feels most authentic to you

  • there is much strength in knowing yourself

aurenfaie asked:

Prophecy of Ragnarök by Brothers of Metal for the song thing!

A perfect darkness follows all. A perfect silence to end the war.

Oh, Ginnungagap, oh bottomless abyss,

it’s the ultimate nothingness where death is bliss

law asked:

Weight of the World from NieR:Automata

And as time comes to a halt, silence starts to overflow. My cries are inconspicuous„

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Messy hair is cute fuck you

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messy curly hair is cute AS FUCK and i will fight for that

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An EXCELLENT addition from our resident citrus fruit

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detail from Antonio de Pereda’s Allegory of Vanity